Dr. Motlalepule Ruth Mampane 
Güney Afrika Eğitim Araştırmaları Birliği Başkanı
Pretoria Üniversitesi

Motlalepule Ruth Mampane is a Professors and Head of Educational Psychology Department at the university of Pretoria, South Africa. Her research focus is on adolescent and resilience, child development and resilience, adolescent adversity; family Resilience in relation to developing adolescents and the role of culture and developmental on the context of adolescents’ development. Mampane’s scholarly contributions within the discipline of Educational Psychology and education is centred on resilience; mitigation of risk and support for youths; and encouraging preventative programs through early identification of risk. Mampane is currently involved in an international coproduction and collaboration research on the effect of environmental adversity on the resilience of youth in South Africa. Her postgraduate teaching of educational Psychology students is focused on family oriented intervention, assessment and psychotherapy. This research focus is unique in the department of Educational Psychology in unlocking indigenous knowledge system and cultural reference to family resilience. Mampane has promoted / supervised more than 30 students’ thesis to completion.

Mampane has completed a leadership program for academics offered by GIBS (University of Pretoria, 2015) and has acted extensively in leadership positions. She is an alumni of the University of Michigan African, Ann Arbor and holds a Presidential Scholar award (UMAPS 2010), funded by the African Studies Centre (International Institute) at the University of Michigan for the period August 2009 – February 2010. Mampane received several fundings for her research projects. Mampane is a council and EXCO member of Standard Regulation Body, UMALUSI and chairperson of Assessment Standardisation Committee. She is currently, a chairperson of Education Association of South Africa (EASA) and a council member of World Education Research Association (WERA) where she represents EASA’s interests. This position has enabled her to continually network and collaborate with international scholars and to represent the University of Pretoria and the department of Educational Psychology internationally. Mampane occupies the position of a national editorial board member for Perspectives in Education (PiE) and the national editorial team of South African Journal of Education (SAJE). 


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